Beige garment dyed cotton jacket, Luigi Bianchi Mantova; Soft spread collar gingham poplin shirt, New England;
Royal blue twill chino pants, PT01; Suede loafer,  Regaine; Printed cotton polka dots handkerchief


Il madras è un tessuto leggero di cotone dalla caratteristica fantasia a quadri. E’ utilizzato prevalentemente per indumenti estivi come camicie, pantaloni, bermuda e giacche.
Il nome deriva dalla città di Chennai in India, chiamata Madras dagli inglesi durante il periodo coloniale.

 Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric with typically patterned texture and plaid design, used primarily for summer clothing—shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and jackets. The fabric takes its name from the former English name of the city of Chennai in India. This cloth also was identified by the colloquial name, “Madrasi checks.”

Oggi Madras definisce un tipo di fantasia piuttosto che uno specifico tessuto. Il Madras è disponibile in poplin di cotone, seersucker e nella versione patchwork, che si ottiene cucendo insieme diverse piccole pezze di tessuto di dimensione e colori diversi tra loro.
Inteso come tessuto, il Madras presenta la caratteristica di avere il fronte uguale al retro.

Madras today is available as plaid patterns in regular cotton, seersucker and as patchwork madras. Patchwork madras is fabric that is derived from cutting several madras plaid fabrics into strips, and sewing them back together as squares of 3 inch sizes, that form a mixed pattern of various plaids criss – crossing. As a fabric, it is notable because the front and back of the fabric are indistinguishable.

Madras plaid shirt, Gant Rugger

Madras patchwork jacket, Ralph Lauren

Madras o’ring belt, Rugby

Madras bow tie, J.Crew


The authentic Madras in Istanbul:

at Beymen: Brooks Brothers and Michael Bastian

at Ralph Lauren Istinye

at Gant Istinye, Kanyon and Akmerkez


Striped silk knit ties

Garment dyed cotton jacket, cutaway oxford shirt, striped silk knit tie

Multicolor polka dots silk knit tie

A pretty cool combination: Oxfotd button shirt and striped silk knit tie

 Jersey jacket, striped poplin shirt, silk knit tie

The best knit ties in Istanbul

at Beymen: choosing between the timeless style of Beymen Collection ties , the classic allure of Tino Cosma and Zegna ties, the preppy touch of Brooks Brothers

at Vakko: Vakko own make, an updated classic

at Harvey Nichols: the english style of Drake’s London and the napolitan touch of Isaia


Pablo Picasso

Cary Grant

Jack Nicholson

James Dean











Orange washed peak lapel cotton jacket, Anchorage; Club collar chambray shirt, E.G.R bespoke; White denim pants, PT05; Denim dots handkerchief, Roda; Handmade bespoke calf car shoes

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