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Il  British Warm era in origine un cappotto militare utilizzato a partire dalla Prima Guerra Mondiale dagli ufficiali dell’esercito Britannico. Il modello originale era a doppio petto a sei bottoni,  lunghezza al ginocchio, rever a lancia e mostrine sulle spalle.





Sir Winston Churchill wearing the authentic British Warm


La caratteristica principale del British Warm è il tessuto, una pesante lana melton, il cui nome deriva dalla città di Melton Mowbray, nella contea di Leicester in Inghilterra dove veniva  prodotto per indumenti da cavallo e da caccia.










 The original British Warm takes its fabric and styling from the greatcoats worn by officers during the First World War. Intended to go over khaki tunic and jodhpurs and be accompanied by high field boots and an officer’s cap, the coat was standard-issue British army.These officers  coats were slightly shaped and fell to just above the knee, always double breasted in style, with six buttons, peaked label and epaulets on the shoulders.

  The Prince of Wales enlightening the coat with a white handkerchief circa 1980

The most characteristic element of this coat is the fabric itself which we have resurrected from an original pattern. The cloth is a heavy, taupe coloured slightly fleecy Melton cloth. The name comes from Melton Mowbray, a town in Leicestershire in England, where this thick, tightly woven, napped cloth was first woven
for riding and hunting garments.

The civilian adaptation of this coat takes woven leather buttons, its has a heavy viscose lining internal in breast pockets and a large newspaper pocket

 Un modello originale del 1952

An authentic model, 1952










 Particolare della mostrina sulla spalla ed etichetta interna

The military shoulder patch and the internal label